Entri 161: My Life

 "Sorry, I don't want your life."

"Why? Oh because my life is miserable isn't?!!"

"Yes, so do mine!"

"You don't want my life because you think it's despiteful. I am miserable than your, isn't it?!!"

Sigh.The sound of painful gap between expectation and reality.

"Shhh... calm down."

I don't want your life because it could never be mine. 

I can't walk into your shoe and although I am into your shoe... still it is my own feet and I only can feel it on my own arch.


If you understand this, you'll know there is no way for us to exchange the life. It just no way! 

We always share experiences and kidney but not life. We are travel buddy however what your feel and see still yours.

If you understand this, you will know that your life is the most precious for you. Nothing else matter. 

Do not ever wish other's life as you will never know who will be listening.

Your life is yours, it is exclusively yours without marketing junk added. Seriously true!

It's truly yours.It's gifted for you and nobody else can open it except you.

It's okay sometimes to feel sad and dissappointment in your life. It's mean that you are caring about your life so much and you really want to live. 


Embrace it with grace because it's full of gift and surprise. Of course to open the gift we all must face paper cut, struggle finding scissor and everything in order to open it. 

Take a break if you need to because it's also fragile.

I can't have your life but I can be your friend. And if I could not, there always be Him. Always!

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