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Entri 169 : Pointless

Dear Simon, I know you won't read this. But I think you will understand that if I say people tend to take 20% of us compared to 80%.  We can be completely loving, hardworking and being diligent in our 365 days in a year but let say maybe 73 days we screwed up and people will remember those days. Or maybe 73 days are huge enough, let say one day. I think if a person who is really bad for the whole year but saying 'I love you' for one day maybe peoples will remember that day and carve that down onto his funeral stone. Or someone that is really kind, full-hearted but one day he screwed up... people will just remember that day. Mostly only that ONE DAY. The day that they hope it's never going to happen. So when I come to think about it, what's the point? Pointless maybe.

Entri 167 : epiphany

If someone offer you to visit the most beautiful place with one condition that you will not reveal it to other people or you will get cursed, will you still go? Nope, that could not be happened? Nobody ever invite me to the most special place. I hardly get invitation for dinner therefore forget about special place. Really? that kind of riddle question? The sound, sound a little bit angry. Yes and No SO I have to guess...again?!! There a heavy sigh, frustration on what-so-ever. A silent. Pause.  A short silent... Thinking... A longer silent... Pause. No more thinking... Still no longer short silent... . Oh, I got it! The tone of epiphany is in low key, no excitement. Perhaps not every perceiving is comforting. The silentness remain silent.  The Silent is an absolute answer. If I tell you that you were invited to the special place and the invitation is open until your last breathe, would it still be a special place. Who, Where , When and How ...I don't have answer to the qu

Entri 165 : The philomel

T his entry was parked under my draft quite some time, I was having hard time to choose to write this in Malay or English.  It is not because I am good in both language, in fact I am not good in both. Either one makes me tremble whenever I type the word, thinking whether is it proper, is it the right one?  Honestly, there is no word to describe feeling. We I always use the word as metaphors to describe it and most of the time peoples get misunderstanding regardless what word we I chose. Plus typo all over the places, some small mistakes such missing important coma ,  but or pause can cause catastrophes. Such as we and I, since I was small I used the word kita  to represent I but actually kita means we . Because of the misplaced ' kita' sometimes I get into troubles. I have to correct it every-time I accidentally use it - nope kita does not mean you and me but it means me -- but kita means we ... and there we go to the next argument. Trying to straighten me to use say

Entri 161: My Life

  "Sorry, I don't want your life." "Why? Oh because my life is miserable isn't?!!" "Yes, so do mine!" "You don't want my life because you think it's despiteful. I am miserable than your, isn't it?!!" Sigh.The sound of painful gap between expectation and reality. "Shhh... calm down." I don't want your life because it could never be mine.  I can't walk into your shoe and although I am into your shoe... still it is my own feet and I only can feel it on my own arch. ... If you understand this, you'll know there is no way for us to exchange the life. It just no way!  We always share experiences and kidney but not life. We are travel buddy however what your feel and see still yours. If you understand this, you will know that your life is the most precious for you. Nothing else matter.  Do not ever wish other's life as you will never know who will be listening. Your life is yours, it is exclusively yours wi